Excellent Rap Battle About Your Period

Excellent Rap Battle About Your Period

Ever wondered about the benefits of alternative feminine products?? Well this video has got all the answers for you… Mostly. For the rest of the answers (and other tips, info, and prizes), come to the Well-Woman office tonight (2/26) at 6pm for our BLEED GREEN event with the Barnard EcoReps!



Naked Vegan Cooking!!

Warning: do not follow the link in this post if you’re not comfortable seeing images of nudity! 

In honour of Furman’s Body Positive Week, here’s a blog that promotes both yummy food and self-love: Naked Vegan Cooking, self-described as “body-positive vegan goodness”. The Manchester-based founders of Naked Vegan Cooking share lovely vegan recipes, organise for body positivity, and (naturally) spend a lot of time sans clothing. Enjoy! 

Yoga Update

For the last several years, we’ve loved offering free yoga sessions, led by amazing student instructors, to our community. This academic year we’ve been especially thrilled to have one of our wonderful peer educators, Lea, leading the classes, and have so appreciated her generous offer to bump our schedule up from just Sunday evenings to Thursdays as well. Unfortunately, we’ve had a lot of trouble scheduling space for our Thursday sessions this semester. Happily, we’re almost in the clear! Starting next week, we’ll almost be back to our regular twice a week schedule. To keep everyone on the same page, here are the remaining days this semester when we will NOT have Thursday yoga:

February 21st, March 7th, March 21st (the office will be closed for Spring Break) and April 4th

So, we WILL have Thursday yoga on February 28th, March 14th and 28th, and all of April after the 4th. And, of course, our Sunday yoga has and will continue at it’s regular time all semester.

We sincerely apologize for the gaps in our Thursday yoga schedule this semester. They in no way reflect Well-Woman’s desire to share this wonderful program with our community or Lea’s enthusiasm for teaching. Thanks for sticking with us!

And just as a reminder, here’s our yoga info:

Yoga With Well-Woman: Come once, once in a while, or every week
(please bring your own mat if possible!)
Every Sunday , 7:15-8pm: “Gentle” Vinyasa Yoga
This class is designed for those looking for stress reduction, increased flexibility, and a foundation in meditative principles 
Every Thursday (EXCEPT Feb 21st, March 7th +  21st and April 4th), 7:15-8pm:  Vinyasa Flow Yoga
In this class we will be moving quickly from pose to pose whilst synchronizing with our breath, great for those who’d like to work up a sweat!

National Condom Day!

February 14th is my favorite holiday of the year: National Condom Day! (That other one is pretty cool, too.) Here are some quick tips about condoms for greater efficacy and pleasure:

1. Make sure you know how to use condoms correctly — always check the expiration date; pinch the tip of the condom while rolling it onto a penis to leave space to prevent breakage; hold onto the base of the condom when withdrawing. Got more questions? Learn more in this very comprehensive guide to condom use: http://www.avert.org/condom.htm

2. Lube prevents condom breakage and can make sex more enjoyable. There are many kinds to try, but make sure that you use only water- or silicone-based lubricant with condoms (oil-based lubes will destroy condoms).

3. Did you know you can make a dental dam from a condom? Learn how here: http://std.about.com/od/prevention/ht/dentaldamhowto.htm

Got more questions, or need any safer sex supplies? Stop by the office and chat with Jessica or one of the peer-eds! Also, remember that there is a basket of safer sex supplies outside the office for your more anonymous supply pickup needs.

If you’re on campus, stop by Butler Plaza from 11:30 AM – 4 PM for free info & hot cocoa, plus an opportunity to advocate for increased AIDS treatment funding! Check out the work that Student Global AIDS Campaign (CUSGAC) and GlobeMed are doing by stopping by tomorrow.

Growing Aloe in your Dorm


This week I want to share a little hobby of mine: growing stuff!

Earlier this year, I took in the rather sad and desiccated aloe vera plant of a fellow Well Woman. We named it Denis, and it lives by my window in 620, overlooking Claremont and New Jersey. All I do is water it a little bit every day, and it has kept growing all winter. It even started a little offshoot!

This is the kind of stuff that keeps you down to earth while your schoolwork piles sky-high. If you have a few spare bucks (5-10 usually), I recommend you go get yourself a friend like Denis. Aloe is a particularly great plant because not only is it cool and pretty-looking, it’s actually medicinal. You can snip a bit off one of the ends of the plant and use the goo that comes out to treat burns, razor nicks, even acne. And don’t worry–aloe plants can heal themselves too, and if you make a clean cut it will heal almost immediately.

But even if you, like so many of us, don’t actually have those dollars, there are plants all around that can use your love. Keep your eyes peeled for potted plants around campus, there are a bunch and they could definitely use a tribute from your water bottle.