A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

I know it’s only the second week, but don’t we all need a little motivation? And music that makes you want to tear up?


Schedule of weekly Peer Educator-led events and office hours this semester!

Check out these wellness resources for the spring semester. Feel free to contact wellwoman@barnard.edu with any questions, or just stop by the office (119 Reid — past the elevators to the left) when we’re open!

  • Peer Ed Office Hours (7-9pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Sundays) will resume on the 29th. Drop by to meet a peer ed, ask a question, check out our wellness library, use a massage chair, and just relax in our comfy space. Staff office hours (1-4pm Monday–Friday) are back on as well.
  • Running with Rosie (4:15pm on Thursdays) will resume on January 31st. Join WW for a 30-40 minute run through Riverside Park (around the track on especially cold days!). We’ll be running at a conversational-pace, and all are welcome. Meet in the Well-Woman office.
  • Knitting Club (7-8pm Thursdays) will resume on January 31st. No experience necessary–we’re happy to teach or help with projects. Feel free to come once, once in a while, or every week.
  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga (7:15-8pm Thursdays) will resume January 31st. In this class we will be moving quickly from pose to pose whilst synchronizing with our breath, great for those who’d like to work up a sweat!
  • “Gentle” Vinyasa Yoga (7:15-8pm Sundays) will resume on February 3rd. This class is designed for those looking for stress reduction, increased flexibility, and a foundation in meditative principles.
  • GYN Education Sessions (6:30-7pm Tuesdays) will resume on February 5th. Please stop in if you are planning on having your first ever GYN exam, or if you have any questions about sexual health, STIs, contraception, the menstrual cycle…or anything at all!

Welcome back!

Happy first day of classes! I hope that “shopping period” is as low-stress as possible.

Stop by the office this week for some tea, some time on the massage chairs, or a chat with Jessica if you need a break from the early semester rush. The office will be open 1-4 PM Tuesday — Friday.

Also, with flu on the rise in NYC, consider getting a flu shot at Primary Care’s Flu Shot Fair on Thursday from 2 to 5 PM in the Diana Event Oval — free for students with Aetna insurance and $15 for students with other insurance (please bring your insurance card to the event). If you are hesitant to get the shot, check out an earlier post on flu shot myths and facts.

Stay tuned for Peer Educator Office Hours & events!

The Daily Self Love Worksheet

Confession: I am an unabashed consumer of self-help, life improvement, and personal growth articles. I will also admit that much of what I read I simply passively absorb rather than taking to heart. But recently, a helpful set of exercises really caught my eye. The Daily Self Love Worksheet by Jessica Mullen seems like a great tool for giving yourself a boost, whether sporadically (more my style) or truly daily.

I don’t have access to a printer while off campus (speaking of, I’m grateful for our printing quota!), but I’ve recreated some of the sections in my own journal and found that going through them helped lift my spirits. Maybe the worksheet will appeal to you, too, but there are plenty of other ways to feel good about yourself if writing or journaling isn’t your thing–stop by our office for more ideas and resources!

Have you found any cool resources for increasing self love? Let us know in the comments!