Hey y’all. So, I don’t know about your dorms, but my super blank walls have been staring me down for months. I was overcome with a desire to create a mural. (Keep in mind, I am not what I would call “artsy-fartsy”)

But, such a dilemma, we are not allowed to paint our walls. Hmm, paint, OH! WAIT! I have blue painter’s tape! which we are totally allowed to put alllllll over the wall. I took the blue painter’s tape that is not actually strong enough to hold up anything and I got creative.

I made a (what I call) beautiful bath tub and shower head around the bathroom door. It adds just a bit more to look at in the hallway, and my suitemates have also decorated some using the blue painters tape medium.

I found it to be extremely relaxing and “productive”.

There are all sorts of outlets for that part of us that just wants to make stuff with our hands. It can knitting, painting, sign language, anything really! Just remember that often times it is not the end product but the process that we need in our lives.


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