Wise Autumnal Words

In case you hadn’t yet noticed, it is officially fall! And if you’re looking for a way to maintain (or begin) your mindfulness during this season full of change, one easy thing you can do is pay attention to the autumnal processes around you and consider the valuable insight nature can offer. Take a minute to read these words of wisdom:

“When I neglect to care for myself and become totally absorbed in life’s activities, let me see how animals gather sustenance and provide for their winter. Take me inside the caves of those who hibernate and remind me of my contemplative nature.

When I accept only the beautiful and reject the tattered, torn parts of who I am, when I treat things that are falling apart as my enemies, walk me among the dying leaves. Let them tell me about their power to re-energize the earth’s soil by their decomposition and decay.

When I resist efforts to warm a relationship that has grown stale by my indifference or resistance, let me feel the first hard freeze of autumn’s breath and the death that this coldness brings to greening things.

Thank you, god of transformation, for all these lessons that the autumned earth teaches me.”

-Joyce Rupp

Happy fall y’all! Be mindful, be well.

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