Midterms are too serious.

To make things less serious, here is a cat looking concerned and pouring you some tea. Suspend your disbelief at how the cat could possibly lift that tea kettle and just think about how adorable this would be (unless you are allergic to cats, in which case just think about the tea, or some other thing you find relaxing).

Image (from the appropriately named “Funny Cat Blog:” http://www.funnycatblog.com/wp-content/gallery/cats-tea-and-coffee/cat_tea1.jpg)

Anyway, if you need a break from the seriousness of midterm season, the Well Woman office is open 1-4 PM Monday through Friday with staff office hours, then there are Peer Educator office hours from 7-9 PM Tuesday through Thursday and Sunday nights — free tea, massage chairs, chocolate and a person to listen available (cat not included)!


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