A Conversation with Alice Walker

If you’re looking for a way to productively procrastinate on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, be sure to check out Democracy Now’s news hour from this past Friday, 9/28. Host Amy Goodman speaks with Alice Walker, on the 30th anniversary of her Pulitzer Prize winning book, “The Color Purple”. Be sure to listen to the end…

Sleep Tips for Back to School

I have trouble settling into sleep routines, especially when I’m in a new environment (like my room in Hewitt this semester) or when I’m stressed and hectic — sound familiar? If you’d like some tips for restful sleep, particularly useful in this transition period of getting back into the swing of things at school, check…



As we approach the end of the first month of classes I’d say we all deserve a productive and fun distraction!  I only got this pattern two days ago and the yarn colours I have at school are definitely not Hobbes colours (*ahem* neon green and fuchsia colour gradients…)… but when I get the right ones I will start making my own Hobbes.  When he’s done (let’s be real, probably over winter break) I’ll post my results.

Maybe somebody wants to try their hand at their own Hobbes when they come to knitting club tomorrow from 7-8pm right here in the office.

Important health tip

It is crucial that you wash your hands. It helps prevent the spread of germs and stuff. Plus, this chameleon does it. Enough said.

fun events!

Howdy friends! I want to write this post to inform you all about some really great events coming up!  October 1st-5th is AXΩ is presenting a full week of informative events for DIVAS for DVAS (Domestic Violence Advocacy and Support)!  Here is the flyer: The events: Monday 10/1: at 6:30-9pm in Lerner room 555 there will…

Good Mornings

I am one lucky gal – for a number of reasons. But the reason I’m thinking of is this: I don’t have class until 11:40 a.m. That’s right. The earliest I have to be out of the door in the morning is 11:20. It isn’t even that I’m not a morning person – I am!…