This BEAUTIFUL Spring Weather

I don’t know if y’all have noticed, but it has been quite beautiful outside these past couple of days! Even Daniel Radcliffe was seen hanging out on College Walk!

Now that Spring has decided to revisit New York, maybe it is time to revisit your inner outdoors(wo)man. This upcoming week and weekend might be that perfect time to go outside to Central or Riverside Park. Maybe take a run with a friend by the river or pond. Maybe its time to climb that low-branched tree and risk scraping your knees and elbows.

Being outside can do wonderful things for you. You get a change of scenery, a new adventure to write down in your journal of “life at college”, and can be so relaxing.

It doesn’t matter how long you are outside, but for some time while you’re not rushing between classes, take a moment, stand still, breathe, and take in this beautiful sunshine.


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