National Public Health Week + Random Acts of Kindness Week

Nationally, April 2-8 is Public Health Week. I went to find some kind of solid link-fest for you, but the first site I found had an interesting quirk: if you click here you can see that tells you to read some selected fact-sheets from “the Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Women’s Health.” I didn’t know that women were the only people with health concerns–this week really did teach me something! Snark aside though, I can’t complain too much because at least one part of the government, as manifested on this clunky website, cares a bit about women ‘s health specifically; however, since we love resources here at Well Woman, I do wish this week was held more than half-heartedly and that whoever maintains had taken more time to compile some links that could apply to more people than just those interested in birth control and HPV vaccinations.

Other sites I saw focused on physical fitness to the exclusion of other elements of health, citing the obesity epidemic as the cause for revering daily exercise as the highest health virtue. Once again, I appreciate that the public officials would like to draw attention to certain issues in particular, but I think any sense of balance gets lost. What do you, our most awesome readers, think about health-related messaging in government-sponsored “weeks,” PSAs, and fact-sheets?

Here on campus, a student group held Random Acts of Kindness Week. They had lots of events scheduled throughout the week that brought in a range of student groups and definitely cheered many of us during this sullen slog toward the end of the semester. I hope that the good will spilled over to some truly random acts (I did observe lots of door holding and smiling), but no matter the total impact, I am really glad to see more on-campus work to promote wellness!


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