“We’re approaching peak vagina on television, the point of labia saturation.”

Two and a Half Men Creator thinks television has too many women-centered shows. Damn them and their lady-parts, they minimize me and my chauvinistic television show originally premised a psychotic egotistical actor!

Wait, what? This *doesn’t* make sense? How is that? It seems so logical. We don’t want any of this “labia saturation,” y’all. I mean, forget that there are a miniscule number of female directors, producers, or television writers. It’s the on-camera that really counts. You know, the women flouncing around in tiny skirts reminding us of their vaginas. Too much. Don’t people know? Television is a MAN-CAVE. For manly men and their manly men friends. We no like women.

Apparently he later apologized and said it was a “stupid joke.” Ohh, I get it, like the whole reproductive rights issue, right?!?!

If only…But like really, people can come out now and say “April Fool’s!” I’ll just be sitting right here, waiting, cause the way women are treated today must be somebody’s idea of a bad joke. It must be. But here’s the thing, can we *stop* making jokes at women’s expense? Because they’re really not funny. At all.

Here’s the link to the article:



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