“This is what American women are facing.”

Wow. What a brave woman. Today, Representative Gwen More, D-WI, stood up in the US House of Representatives and shared her story about how she was drugged and date-raped as a child, and how the offender took her underwear as a token to show others. Republicans are dragging on re-authorizing the Violence Against Women Act, which is usually fully supported, but this time it includes protection for LGBT and Native American communities. Apparently that’s bad, because violence is acceptable as long as it’s not against people we agree with. Lately, I have really just started to question what kind of country we live in. I’ve tried to pass the personhood bills off as anomalies, the reproductive controversy as ignorance, but this is just repugnant. I don’t mean to be melodramatic, but how am I supposed to sleep at night knowing there is such hatred in my community? Why are neighbors turning on each other in such malicious ways? I don’t remember any other election cycle being this vicious, although I’m sure some in the past were. But this attacks the people, not the politicians. How did we allow ourselves to get here? How can we possibly talk about defending democracy abroad when democracy is not defended here? Most importantly…when will it end? It just keeps getting worse, and I’m starting to actually be afraid of my government. How can they prioritize political goals over people’s rights? And really, how can we get through to them?

Suggestions/comments are welcome. I’m very disheartened tonight, as you can probably tell. I’ve also included a link to the original story.

Thank you, Representative Moore, for standing up for the people. We appreciate it more than you know. 



One thought on ““This is what American women are facing.”

  1. Completely agree. I’m becoming afraid for women in the US. The fear feels irrational, but I don’t think it is. The culture of violence is strengthening to an extent I haven’t seen in my (short) 22 years. Love your blog!
    -Kate/ Katinsky

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