Dear Men Congress, If We Knit You a Uterus, Will You Stay Out of Ours?

With misguided attempts to regulate women’s healthcare running amok in the U.S. government – some awesome women decided to take matters into their own two hands. These ladies have set out to deliver to every male member of congress a uterus of his very own (albeit a knitted one). This might be the greatest thing I have ever heard. I am native of the state of Texas, where our fine governor recently vetoed a bill outlawing texting while driving, asserting the government shouldn’t legislate the behavior of adults. He did however, pass a law regulating women’s access to abortion by mandating transvaginal ultrasound prior to pregnancy termination, because, of course, grown women are not, in fact, adults and capable of making decisions without the assistance of the Texas Legislature. Bonkers. Well, gotta go. I need to get busy on Rick Perry’s uterus.


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