What does it mean to be a man in Panem?

Having senioritis is hard. I made the mistake of starting The Hunger Games series during midterms, which pretty much meant I read The Hunger Games and didn’t study for exams. Oh, priorities.

I really enjoyed the series, but found myself wanting to really dig deeper with the books, and I was so excited to come across this article in Bitch Magazine about gender in the books. Do not read the article unless you have read ALL the books though! The article is full of spoilers all the way to the end of the series.

If you have read the series, please feel free to comment with your opinions about the article! What role does masculinity play in the books?  What makes Peeta and Gale so different from one another?  How does Katniss go against traditional gender roles?  Or does she at the end of the series? Is Katniss a feminist?


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