Dancing is Exercise!

Have you ever not wanted to go the gym and run… and run… and run… with just your music as a distraction from the monotony of running? I definitely have, and so this weekend I decided to try something new: Bhangra Dancing.

My suitemate and I went to a free Bhangra lesson from the Bhangra club on Saturday. Not only did we feel completely energized and sweaty, but we did not realize that we had been hopping and stomping and leaping for over an hour. I had forgotten how wonderful it was to learn new steps and forget that I was pushing my body to its limit.

So, in conclusion to this personal anecdote, I suggest for anyone who feels the need to exercise without the drone of running… and running… and running, to try out some dance classes on campus. It can be a style you already know or even an entirely new genre where you raise your knees to your chest and hop for forever! You get your heart racing while still enjoying yourself!



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