Is my body too boobalicious for you?

I saw this video on CNN today…I just don’t even know how to respond. Check out the husband of the Finnish president checking out the rack of Princess Mary of Denmark:

Man caught ogling at Princess Mary

This just utterly baffles me. If you could see me right now, you would actually see a cartoon question mark in a giant comment bubble stemming from my head. On the one hand, to the dude who (essentially) said: “I mean, if you wear a shirt that low-cut you’re just asking to be ogled at.” No. Just, no. Whatever “But…” statement you have formed in your mind, the answer is simply, no.

On the other hand…Even I couldn’t win the staring contest with that playboy bunny. I mean, man that was distracting. Obviously, that’s not the usual circumstance, as most women don’t spend their days pushing their boobs together in suggestive ways. At least, not that I know of.

So here’s what I will decide to take away from this moment: to the woman on Conan and the woman on the Rachel Ray show, bravo for calling ’em out on their south-bound gazes. To everyone else: take Seinfeld’s advice, and just stop staring! (But I mean, especially, especially if you’re on camera! Get it together, people.)


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