Tweet this

Two weeks ago, I sat in my Gender and International Relations class listening to my professor list 3 “good” reasons why we should all get a twitter for class. While he didn’t explicitly say that a twitter account was a requirement for the course, he implied that without one we would be jeopardizing our grade….

Lifestyle/Advice Blog Roundup

I’m a big believer that there can never be too much good advice. Well, I mean unless it’s all physically printed out and you are being crushed by the weight of it in some freak accident involving bookshelves or something… but since this is a virtual list, I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen….

Required Reading: Change Your Style, Change Your Life

Another classic hit from one of my favorite style blogs, AlreadyPretty, should make it onto your required reading list for this semester. We may not be out of winter yet, but if you’re getting into a body image/style/winter blues funk, check out these wise words from Sally McGraw: If you’re feeling constantly restless, dissatisfied, and…

The Winter Blues

 Well, it’s that time again. It’s only the second week of classes and already I feel completely exhausted. Forget focusing on homework, I’m trying to get up enough energy just to get books! This is a dramatic example, but I think we all are starting to feel the post-break drag. For seniors, like me, there’s no…

An Everlasting Meal: Food & Philosophy

Click the picture to go to her website. I must admit, I’ve become a bit of a foodie since winter break. I taught myself how to cook (and since it’s “pics or it didn’t happen” on the internet, click here for the images to prove it) and have ever since been looking for ways to…