Stress, College Life & Self-Worth

I know it’s all we hear about at this time of the year, but I went ahead and tackled the question “are stress, college life, and self-worth inextricably linked?” over at my blog this morning.

Take your finals, take some time off, then go on and see if you can separate the the eustress (good pressure) from the crushing and return stronger next spring.

Also, as it says in the post itself, I will be doing a series on stress and the academy in the coming months. Leave a comment if you have any questions/problems that you think I should address.


Prepare to be Inspired: I Know I Can, Presented by the Kibera School for Girls

Kibera Slum, located in Nairobi, is one of the largest slums in the world.  Poverty, unemployment, sexual violence, and lack of opportunities and resources are rampant throughout the slum.  Only 8% of girls are able to go to school, even though Kenya supposedly has free universal education.

This is where Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO) comes in.  They run many programs throughout the slum, including the Kibera School for Girls.  The school takes the neediest young girls with a desire to learn and instead of paying school fees, parents spend time volunteering at the school, ensuring that they are involved in their daughters’ education.

Check out this amazing video featuring Kennedy Odede, the founder of SHOFCO, and these amazing girls.   You can also go to the Kibera School for Girl’s website to learn more and see how you can help this amazing community organization find the best ways to create future female leaders in Kenya.

Upcoming Tests

With finals technically starting Friday, I figured now would be a good time to post a resource from Furman about test anxiety.

Remember, it’s just a test in one class on one day of your life! I really struggle to keep everything in perspective at this time, but I’ve found that taking a break to do something I enjoy (reading something NOT for class, dancing, etc) helps me snap out of any panic, which then helps me study or sleep better. Take a look at the above tips and good luck!

Subtle Feminism…

In this video Johanna Blakley speaks on the potential wide spread and pervasive feminism in one of the places most wouldn’t expect to find it. She speaks in favor of social media (yeah, as in Facebook!) giving women an extra little advantage in disproving the endless stereotypes perpetuated about them… It’s an interesting perspective on a more subtle form of feminism. While it isn’t activism necessarily, it’s cool to see little changes from the thought, “women are supposed to be…” to “women actually are…”

Check it out! :