How to Make a Micro-Mini Zine

I’m going to be doing a zine reading tonight (in the Diana, room LL104 at 7pm) at an event called Meet Me at the Race Riot: Women of Color in Zines from 1990 to Today.

As I was folding my zines for the event (which include the mini de-stress zine that we pass out at Well Woman), I got extremely excited! So excited, in fact, that I thought I’d make a video in celebration – so for all you folding wizards/witches out there, here is my tutorial on how to make a micro-mini zine (a 16-page mini-booklet made out of just 1 sheet of 8.5×11):

You can access the micro-mini zine layout on my page. You can see more of my work at my blog, The Cowation. Or you can check out some of my zines, including The Bearniverse!


One thought on “How to Make a Micro-Mini Zine

  1. I missed this! Need to contact the Barnard Zine Library about copies of MOONROOT (see:

    Keep WW strong,
    Mar (Well-Woman ’07-’10)

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