“We know we’re being sexist, so that makes it okay!”

The Atlantic recently published an incredible article on the portrayal of women in advertising, basically claiming that when advertisers failed to prove that women are inferior (circa 1950s, there are some crazy ads in there!), they settled with “women are pretty.” Yes, yes we are. But we’re also, you know, people. With qualities unrelated to physicality. Shocking, I know, but it’s true.

Recently, the article points out, advertisements acknowledge the fact that they are, in fact, sexist. One clip included in the article shows two guys infiltrating a yoga class for the purpose of checking out women in spandex. The yoga instructor kicks them out–because objectifying women is WRONG, y’all. But by superficially acknowledging that, we’ve made it all better! We can continue objectifying women without feeling guilty. As the article says: “We know we’re being sexist, so that makes it okay!” (I assume I don’t need to point out the flaws in logic, here…)

Definitely worth checking out. My major point of contention with the article: it claims “women have achieved parity in the labor force.” Vat? We have? When did this happen, and where was I? Last I checked, there was a pretty major wage disparity between men and women. As in, women earn 78 cents for every dollar men make. Also a disproportionately low number of women CEOs. Note to author: number of people in labor force equals IS NOT THE SAME AS parity.

To prove this, and to continue the discussion about the portrayal of women in advertising, check out this AMAZING extended trailer for a new documentary, “Miss Representation.” It will change your world. I mean, really, try to watch it and *not* be enraged. I dare you.


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