The Ultimate Guide to a Woman’s “Down-There Parts”

So in honor of Rachel Maddow providing “The Man Cave’s Not-Too-Upsetting Guide to Down-There Parts”  to explain how to prevent the miracle of life, I provide you all with this lovely cartoon on how women get pregnant.*

Just kidding!! Oral sex cannot make a woman pregnant!

* Just kidding!  Women cannot get pregnant from oral sex…just from sex involving the “down-there parts.”  Did you not watch the above video?


“…Our sexuality is more complex than the things that have been done to us and that we gain power through our refusal to accept less than we deserve.  We can dare to create outrageous visions.”

–Amber Hollibaugh

Smart Girls at the Party / Another Reason Amy Poehler is Amazing

So I was just chilling in the Well Woman office, and I saw this episode of Bust magazine with Amy Poehler on the cover. Of course I pick it up and flip to her article, and discovered this website Amy runs with her friends Amy and Meredith called “Smart Girls at the Party”. The site is about being a girl and why it is awesome. There are episodes where Amy interviews girls about what they love to do. I watched the first episode where she interviewed 10 year old Cameron who loves to write. It was an absolutely adorable and made me so happy that I felt like I should share with the Well Woman Blog! Here is a link to episode described:

Columbians Have the Best Sex…Ed

Guess someone’s been noticing our condom basket outside the Well Woman office…


According to Trojan’s and Sperling’s Best Places’ list of the top 20 college sex-ed programs (which are measured by the availability and quality of HIV testing, STD testing, sexual awareness programs, contraceptives, condoms, anonymous advice, peer groups, outreach programs, sexual assault programs, health center hours, appointment flexibility, and website usability), Columbia fared extremely well, beating out Oregon State, Brown, Princeton, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for the #1 slot. Typical overachievers.