Queer Latina Filmmakers Count on Love to Finish Mosquita y Mari

Holy. This project right here has got me cheesing like a mo’ fo’. Srsly.

Queers. Women. Beautiful brown folks. MAKING ART?!!


So here’s the deal. They’ve got to raise a pretty penny to make sure that this project comes into fruition. AND IT’S HELLA IMPORTANT THAT IT DOES.


Uh-ho, lemme tell you. This project is about having a voice, sharing a story and a reality that might apply to a lot of people…we just don’t get to ever hear about it. It’s about creating new media and doing so in a skillful and critically conscious manner. This project is as much about communities of color and the queer community (and their intersections) as it is about YOU (and if these are your communities, it is triple-y important you advocate for its existence). So do the damn thing and donate.

Support QPOC, support art, support grassroots initiatives, and support LOVE.

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