not intended as a factual statement, amiright, Jon Kyl? Planned Parenthood Opens $8 Billion Abortionplex

Beyonce lied.

…women don’t run the world. And this badass woman right here breaks down exactly why this is the case. Haven’t watched the new Beyonce video? Watch it here.

“I was ‘raped’ and I joke about it”

XOJane–read it. Remember Jane magazine? Possibly the thing that made me be like, hey, I’m a feminist? Jane’s back with an online mag that I really recommend. I just got around to reading this article, which is really wonderful–a woman who has been criticizing for joking about the rape attempt on her, and why she…

Queer Latina Filmmakers Count on Love to Finish Mosquita y Mari

Holy. This project right here has got me cheesing like a mo’ fo’. Srsly. Queers. Women. Beautiful brown folks. MAKING ART?!! …SWOON. So here’s the deal. They’ve got to raise a pretty penny to make sure that this project comes into fruition. AND IT’S HELLA IMPORTANT THAT IT DOES. Why? Uh-ho, lemme tell you. This project…

Who Has Abortions?

A safe, sane advertisement from the Guttmacher Institute that tells you the straight facts.