Change Your Life

I must admit, I am a sucker for articles that are written about attitude changes and motivating yourself. I fall into that category that clicks on blog posts about time management and creativity and the ways to boost/improve/alter your version of it.
Although the articles that follow below are included in that category, they take a slightly different tone with readers such as me who are always looking for the way to make everything 50 times better than it already is. I call them the give-yourself-a-darn-break type of article.

Change Your Body, Change Your Life talks about feeling unhappy and understanding that sometimes that is ok. You don’t have to change any darn thing right now, even if some of the things you want to change in the future. Sometimes it’s just unfeasible, and that’s fine.

The Myth of Reaching for the Stars
chastises us big dreamers for trying to shoot for the moon and feeling like failures because we didn’t get there. Then it lifts us back up by telling us the real route to success: small dreams.

How to Do Many Different Things at Once condemns multi-tasking (gasp!) and favors instead the idea that we can try to do things one at a time, plodding along and using our talents in new ways other than multi-tasking.


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