Feminist “Click” Moments

Feminists and TED Talk – what could be better?* The editor of Feministing.com talks about her click moment: when she realized she was a feminist, yes, but more importantly how she found out that her feminism looked different than her mother’s feminism.
There has been some debate recently about the state of feminism and whether the younger generation has taken up the mantle in the same ways their forebears did. Some people critique young feminists as having all their priorities wrong, some venerate them as pioneers of a new form of revolution. The pieces written on this subject have been as numerous as how many times the phrase “those crazy kids…” is repeated in Scooby Doo.
To add my voice to the cacophony, I believe that feminism should have a changing face with the new generation. Intersectionality between race, class, ableism, age, sexuality, and gender have made the feminist movement more rich (although some people would call it more fragmented). When talking about feminism these days, one also has to include global branches of feminism that do not look at all like the American version of the movement. I like the fact that the younger generation of feminists can include all of these people in their community and that they are opening up the word to include all types of people, including (gasp) men.
So, take a look at the video and give me your opinions. If you identify, when did it click for you that you were a feminist? Do you find your feminism different than the “old” version? Do you find it different from your friend’s or your classmate’s?


*This article is a little old, but still a goodie.


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