Are Mermaids the new Vampires?

…are they? ARE THEY?!?!

Aside from the obvious differences, like having tails vs. LEGS, what do you think the main distinctions are between mermaids and humans?
Mermaids are a lot more relaxed, them move at the slower pace of the ocean. They are also more sensitive to their environment and the effects of pollution and climate change on their waters.

–Interview with Tera Lynn Childs, author of Forgive My Fins

Via I Am a Mermaid, whose motto is: “just because you’re half a fish doesn’t mean you have half a heart.”


One thought on “Are Mermaids the new Vampires?

  1. “So MeduSirena Marina is a gorgeous fire-eating professional mermaid in Fort Lauderdale”

    This website is a revelation.

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