Sexy New Wii Game

Look, a totally not awkward and seamless way to introduce sexy flirtation into your co-ed video game party that you have! More details/commentary can be found here. Sorry guys–only coming out in Europe.


How can any of us hope to find peace with our bodies when even dinosaurs that died a hundred million years ago are named solely based on the size of their thighs?

aw, cute, you guys*.

“Abortion” is now the second search result for “murder.” Googlebombing, you guys. Sometimes I enjoy the results. Like, see what happens when you google Rick Santorum? That’s a fun one. Is it hypocritical that I like googlebombing in that case but not in this case? Maybe. But still, ugh!   *NO


As you probably, sadly, guessed, the youtube comments on this are off the chain. THIS VIDEO IS CONTROVERSIAL. (via The Hairpin)

Happy Lady Porn Day!

Rabbitwrite is curating a day-wide blogosphere internet holiday dedicated to celebrating Lady Porn. Awesome! Their website has a great description of the holiday, as well as some fantastic links. I also recommend Hersteria’s look at historical views towards women and porn.


…and I feel like cursing up a storm! But I won’t (on here). ThisĀ anti-choice business has gone too far and it is time to gather in the masses to show that we’re not taking it. In addition to being a bad ass and attending the rally this upcoming Saturday, be sure to sign the petition…

Stand with Planned Parenthood

It’s coming around again. Government action to “trim the fat” that really translates into getting rid of some very important programs and institutions: this includes Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood has provided sexual and reproductive health care and education for many years to people who often do not have access otherwise. As stated on their petition…

Chelsea Peretti’s “All My Exes”

Okay, so these videos are really old, but I hadn’t seen them before. So maybe you haven’t either! I really like Chelsea Peretti, she’s a fantastic comedian and she’s been in a couple of episodes of Louie. I just now saw for the first time a series of videos she made called All My Exes,…

The Dirty (Not-so?) Secret of the Literary World

So I loved Maddie’s post (see “Wikipedia, and ladies” below) on the lack of women contributing to Wikipedia (it’s true- The Sopranos is better than Sex and the City) but I’m not sure what kind of a spin we can put on this depressing information. Except that it’s entirely presented as pie charts, which I…