Wikipedia, and ladies.

The New York Times has published an article by Noam Cohen about the huge discrepancy between male and female contributors to Wikipedia. In their analysis of the article, Jezebel focused on the contributors and what might be behind it (we aren’t considered authorities, blah blah, something about nerd culture). I, on the other hand, preferred Geekosystem’s take on it. Yeah, it’s really unfortunate that only 15% of Wikipedia contributors are women, and that needs to change. But the NYT article was ridiculously gendered in its examples. Apparently, women are responsible for the lack of information on friendship bracelets, and fashion designers, while men get all the credit for the 45 articles about characters from the Simpsons. Maybe the reason there’s more info about The Sopranos than Sex and the City is because The Sopranos is just a lot better (SORRY LADIES!).

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