Rebooting your Sleep Cycle

As we approach finals, I know that often students feel they have to sacrifice their wellness in some way (eating right, relaxing, getting exercise). But I think the most common thing is sacrificing sleep. Especially when everyone is studying for finals and writing papers, sleep seems like a luxury. We all know we’re supposed to get eight hours, but how many people actually get it? Lifehacker just posted a list of their most popular articles from the past year, and one of them is about how to reboot your sleep cycle and get the rest you deserve. Their quote about American work ethic reminded me really specifically of my Barnard and Columbia classmates:

…sleep deprivation isn’t a badge of honor. It’s a very American/Protestant Work Ethic attitude to act like being so busy and stretched thin that you must go without sleep just to get it all done is something to be proud of. If you’re going to insist that abusing your body with sleep deprivation is something to be proud of and a necessary part of being a working adult, then you’re not in the right frame of mind to really take this advice to heart. Going with little sleep is sometimes an unfortunate necessity, but it shouldn’t be adopted as a way of life and a point of pride. (You certainly wouldn’t brag to your friends how awesome you are malnourishing yourself.)

Give the article a read, everyone. You may not be able to prevent sleep deprivation, but this article tells you how to get back on track afterwards.


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