Please support budding ladynerds!

Over the past week, there’s been an explosion in the nerdy blogosphere, and I wanted to share it with everyone. Carrie Goldman, a blogger at Chicago Now, wrote an article about her six year old daughter, who got teased at school because she had a Star Wars water bottle and said it was “only for boys.” Now, this has resulted in a huge show of support for Katie from hundreds of internet folks who wanted to show solidarity with their fellow nerdy girl. This is a matter near and dear to my heart, because I keenly feel the sexism that often pops up in nerd communities. And it does begin at childhood–when I was six or seven, I asked some of my friends (boys) on the playground if I could hang out with them, and they said no, because they were playing X-Men, which was not for girls. And I still remember! Even among adults, people are often weird about nerdy women. I once got into a fight with some of my friends because I was beating him at a video game and he was shocked. DC Comics tried to get young women into comic books with a teenage girl focused imprint called Minx, but by that time, girls were already indoctrinated into the non-comic book reading world–it folded after a year. And I can’t help feeling that this is because of how hard it is for young girls to find supportive nerd communities. So let’s talk about nerdy girls–who are some of your nerdy girl idols? One of mine is Kitty Pryde:

Kitty Pryde is so awesome. She has been one of the X-Men since 1980, and was the youngest character ever invited to join. She has powers, is a badass fighter and a professional level dancer, sasses people constantly (especially Wolverine), speaks more than four languages, and is a computer science expert on the side. YES KITTY PRYDE!


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