Live Well Challenge: Iron Chef/Iron Stomach

I had rather high expectations for last week’s (Ok, fine, it was two weeks ago) message, which encouraged us to incorporate more iron into our diets. I wanted to try to add a little more iron into my meals every day and then see if I felt different. Of course, I didn’t, and instead decided to have an iron dinner, and get all my iron in during one meal, because that’s how nutrition works. So tonight, armed with my Monday Message, I went to the grocery store ready to iron it up!

What I came up with was pretty gross. I started dinner out with some soybeans, which is one of my favorite snacks because it’s frozen (keeps forever) and makes me feel healthy. A fine start,






What happened after that, though, is sort of shameful. I got really excited to see “red meat” on the list of suggested food items, because, to be totally honest, I was getting a little sick of the vegetarian thing. Since I’m still not old enough to cook steak, I decided it would be appropriate to make burgers. Then, I decided tonight would be a good night to make my (not) famous “cholesterol burgers”. What you are about to see may disturb you…







Yep. That is a fried egg, mushroom cheeseburger. On an english muffin. On the one hand, a lot of iron right? On the other hand, just looking at this picture is making me feel ill all over again. Listen, it was delicious, but mostly disgusting. Like, I’m this close to taking it off the blog to save face. But I am committed to my challenge, so on the blog it will remain. At least there’s some green on the plate, right? Artichokes are so delightful.

In addition to making an iron dinner, I thought I’d round out the experience by incorporating iron into other aspects of the evening. And by that I mean I listened to the two Iron & Wine songs I have on repeat, and I wore what I thought was my girlfriend’s Iron Man shirt. Turns out it’s actually a Captain Planet shirt, but I remembered it being Iron Man, so I wore it anyway. My roommates and I spent a long time thinking of ways to be iron-ic, but most of them involved me dying (like getting hit by an ambulance, etc), so that was sort of a bust too. I guess it’s sort of ironic that I made this incredibly unhealthy meal for my well woman challenge, right? Right? And tomorrow I’m going to have to pump some iron to make up for it! Get it? It’s iron!

Alright, this week was a little off-base, but I’m looking forward to a new month of challenges. Bring it on!


One thought on “Live Well Challenge: Iron Chef/Iron Stomach

  1. This. Was. Disgusting. Especially the pictures. (But I love you anyway.)

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