The “right” kind of feminism, courtesy of the Yale Daily News

Last week at Yale, the pledges of the fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) pledges marched around campus yelling statements such as “No means yes, yes means anal.”

While there is a lot of stuff I could say about this event (for example, how this event shows that we live in a rape culture that denies women the sexual agency to say “no” and God-forbid, actually mean no), I think that Yale Daily News opinion piece about the incident speaks for itself:  The Yale Daily News at its finest.

In case you don’t have a chance to read the whole thing (though trust me, it is worth it, but be prepared to want to yell at people), here are some highlights:

–The title “The Right Kind of Feminism”….apparently there is a “right” kind of feminism, and the Yale Daily News has decided that the Women’s Center practices the “wrong” kind of feminism.  Speaking up against sexual harassment and speech that negates consent is evidently the “wrong” kind of feminism.  Not only is there a “right” and “wrong” type of feminism, but only the Yale Daily News is privy to these secret codes that define what makes feminism acceptable or not.  If only I could understand what these codes are so I can make sure that I am practicing the “right” kind of feminism!

–The Women’s Center responded to the event with “histrionics.”  Clearly the Women’s Center is made up of hysterical women who totally overacted when a group of men yelled these chants outside of the Women’s Center, a safe place on campus for sexual assault survivors.  It was clearly a joke! Rape is funny! How dare women be angry about that?  The Women’s Center clearly overacted.

–“But the Women’s Center should have known better than to paint them as misogynistic strangers and attackers among us, instead of members of our community; after all, they once partied in the brothers’ basement.”  Hah, because college boys who are members of a campus community can’t be misogynists and rapists.  And because members of the Women’s Center once partied in the basement, clearly everything is totally fine.  Obviously once you party with a person, you can no longer call them out on their inappropriate behavior. Duh. Guess the Women’s Center forgot that rule of feminism.

And my personal favorite: “Feminists at Yale should remember that, on a campus as progressive as ours, most of their battles are already won: All of us agree on gender equality.”  Do I really need to say anything here?  Apparently we all agree on gender equality, and feminism can be over now!


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