The Differences Between Gays and Straights

Are any of you guys on OkCupid? I am. OkCupid pride! My favorite thing about OkCupid is actually the blog kept by the creators of the site, who are statistical geniuses. It’s really brilliant stuff. I’m often convinced that they only ever started a dating website so that they could gather and analyze data about the dating process. They do hard statistical analysis that is always fascinating. Recently, they did a study which compared gay and straight users, and as always, it’s a hell of a read.

Some other interesting ones have been “How your race affects the messages you get” and “the case for an older woman“. It’s uncomfortable to read sweeping generalization about categories of people, but when those generalizations are backed up by logic and statistics, it makes for interesting, even necessary reading. And even though it’s super math-y, the writing and charts are dumbed down for the simple masses (read: me).

One thought on “The Differences Between Gays and Straights

  1. My love for the L Word is as large as the earth, the biggest body in the galaxy.

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