Live Well Challenge: Plate Pride

So, the first installment of my pledge to adhere to the weekly Healthy Monday Messages encouraged me to “bring some color into [my] meals and snacks with fruits and veggies”. To start out with a bang, I decided to do a full rainbow dinner, and get all six colors on my plate. Also, since it’s National Coming Out Day on Monday, a rainbow dinner seemed especially appropriate.  To be extra well-seeming, I took a trip down to the farmer’s market in Union Square on Saturday, with a canvas shopping bag (I know, too much). Anyway, I came back with something of every color:

The cherry tomatoes were red and yellow (double points), sweet potatoes are orange, the chard is green and red (OK, that’s from Fairway), the concord grapes are blue, and yes, that purple leafy stuff is purple basil.

I made pasta with a tomato and basil sauce, baked sweet potatoes sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, and I sauteed the chard in oil and garlic. And, yeah, it was pretty delicious. I was very pleased with myself, because since I moved into my new apartment I haven’t been cooking much (you know, unpacking for 1.5 months). Everything was delicious and fresh — the purple basil was especially good (my turtles even liked it!). It took me most of dinner to realize that the whole meal was vegan (OK, except the butter I slathered onto the sweet potatoes, but that could be avoided) which was pretty cool, because before now I couldn’t for the life of me fathom inviting any vegan friends over for dinner.I always envisioned myself pouring over cookbooks until I broke down and just took a bath in whole milk. Anyway, here’s a picture:

Well, it was vegan until desert. My friend brought rainbow ice cream.

All in all, dinner was delicious, and I was quite pleased with the whole thing. Ready for next week!


One thought on “Live Well Challenge: Plate Pride

  1. I’m now really excited for you to cook me dinner. And don’t worry, I’m not vegan, so you can skip the whole “breakdown in a bath of milk” thing.

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