Happy national coming out day! This is my note:

It’s crazy to think a year ago, i did not consider myself queer. Today, I feel that this is my most salient identity….simply because it applies to every part of my identity. I am as queer in my sexuality as i am in my female gendered body and my ethnically latina skin. My love knows no boundaries and this is what I want the people who know and love me to know and love about me.

My family, my friends and absolute strangers- especially those unwilling to understand queerness (cough cough. dad, i’m lookin’ at you)- i want to show you that it’s alright for anyone…for EVERYONE…to be gay.  Whatever notions of heteronormativity that this may challenge…do away with them because all they’re doing is hurting our chances of cultivating community and cohesion.

Can you honestly tell me that I’m a bad person because I am capable of loving and seeing beauty in everyone? I hope the answer is no.

And I hope that with that you will stand next to me and support me…and support those who also need someone to stand with them. Help me and help us stand for this because all it is is beauty in saturated form. All of the recent hate that has been exemplified in recent homophobic crimes along with the slew of suicides committed by our youth only voice the dire need for change. Your tolerance and understanding are necessary and appreciated but what we need is solidarity and change. So please, stand with me.

Queerly yours,



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