Anatomy Lessons

Imagine my glee when I found this posted on my facebook: Gingerbread Ovaries Make For a Sweet Anatomy Lesson. At first glance, it’s pure hilarity with a dash of sex ed. On the other hand, the comment made upon it is slightly sardonic in that it bemoans the candification of female anatomy precipitated by Katy Perry’s cupcake boobs in California Girls. I tend to feel that it’s pretty important to know one’s anatomy, and if baking a uterus cake is the way to get those lessons across to kids, so be it.

Actually, the gingerbread anatomy is kind of horrifying. I mean, not only are the ovaries gummy fried eggs (who makes those?), the vagina is full of sprinkles. I wondered what they stood for, and looking at the key,  found that they stood for ‘vagina.’ Alright…

But anyway, we’re not kids, right? We don’t need our anatomy to be candified. So I want to direct you all to a really good sex ed resource that makes little or no use of gummy bananas: Scarleteen. They’re a really awesome web resource for peopl e young and old full of comprehensive sex information. There are also reader-generated questions that cover anything under the sun. It has answers for you whether you’re straight or LGBTQQIA…the list goes on. And it’s not restricted to purely sexual information. It also includes lots of material on relationships and hygeine.

Also, you can always come to Well-Woman for our resources and ask the peer counselors any question you have. And don’t worry, we won’t show you a gingerbread uterus.


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