Live Well Challenge

I am writing this to embark on a challenge. Every week Well Woman sends out a Healthy Monday Message with tips and information on how to inject your week with a little bit of wellness. I love getting them, and I love reading them (especially when one of my suggestions makes it on there), but, to be perfectly honest, I’m pretty sure I’ve never actually done anything that the e-mails suggest.

So, in honor of my final year, I’m taking on what I have dubbed the “Live Well Challenge”. Akin to that guy who followed the bible for the year, or that awesome high school student who followed Seventeen magazine for a month, I’m going to live by the Well Woman Monday Messages for an entire year.

I start this Monday.


4 thoughts on “Live Well Challenge

  1. Elisa, I love you!

  2. Right on! Hopefully it will be more fun than that Seventeen Magazine Challenge – less patronizing to say the least.

  3. YES. i wholeheartedly support this (and the accompanying photo).

  4. YAY! Love this, obviously. Tho it does create major temptation to write some crazy Monday Messages…

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