If you watch hip hop or R&B music videos I’m sure you are all too familiar with the romp-shaking, bumping and grinding that has become the norm within them. While I was growing up, as I’m sure is the case for many, I saw these, slim or ideally curvaceous, barely-clothed women almost every time I turned on my television. Naturally, I began to idolize their chemically straightened hair with the weaves that almost always followed. Their hair came as a side to the skin tight dresses and booty shorts that they wore as they performed the most provocative moves imaginable as guys ogled, of course (that is if there is no explicit “sexing” involved). The important question is, where are the various (and more realistic) standards of beauty represented within these videos and throughout media in general? Even more importantly, where are the female role models that growing girls need?

My hope was partially restored as I stumbled upon a new artist a while ago named Nneka ( a Nigerian native). While her music has been gaining some popularity within the United States, Nneka’s video speaks volumes about her personal values and clearly sets itself apart from many other more conventionally appealing music videos. She’s a great role model in my book. You can find one of her more popular singles here.


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  1. Larissa I’m so glad you posted this! I love Nneka- she’s absolutely amazing and definitely under-appreciated, at least in the States (I actually heard “Heartbeat” playing in a coffee shop in London once, which made me happy beyond words). I have three of her CDs and will burn a mix for the office ASAP!

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