Enthusiasm is Sexy (how about that on a lollipop?)

As the summer draws to a close, and Bwog begins to update us all on NSOP, and makes all those core jokes I don’t get, this post made me think about that consent workshop we all had to go to during orientation. And then I started thinking about all the gray areas of consent, and how exactly to consent, and what consent means, and how to avoid retrospective-non-consent or lack-of-a-‘no’-taken-as-consent situations. So this lady, Jaclyn Friedman (editor of Yes Means Yes), uses the term “enthusiastic consent”, which I loved immediately.  While ‘consenting’, linguistically, seems sort of passive, enthusiasm sounds fun and exciting! I realize you can’t quantify enthusiasm, but I think it’s a pretty good standard to go by. Like, I don’t want an absence of protest, or even a “yes”, I want a “YES!”. How fun is that??

Anyway, she seems like a really cool lady.