Potty Parity

Ever feel like you’re being discriminated against? Ever feel like things are just more difficult because you’re a women? Ever have that feeling waiting in line to the bathroom in a federal building? No? I’m shocked, because YOUR lawmakers sure are concered about it.

So concerned, in fact they introducted legislation this Wednesday to increase the number of toilets in women’s rooms in federal buildings. This is known ladies, as the potty parity act.Apparently, building guidelines since the 1980s ensure that the number of toilets in women’s restrooms is equal to the number of toilets+urinals in men’s restrooms. Alas, most federal buildings constructed prior to the 1980s. Hence crossed legs and figeting are apparently the norm in goverment run buildings.

Lawmakers cite inefficiency, inconvenience, and discomfort as their motivations in pursuing this legistlation. While concerned citizens point out “delaying voiding can result in serious medical conditions,” and that waiting in a long line to use the facilities is nothing short of “gender bias.”

While I hate standing in line for the bathroom – I mean, for REAL, what are people doing in there? – I can’t help but wonder if there are greater women’s issues at stake here. But perhaps the priviledge to pee is merely on small step on the road to equal pay, freedom of choice, and the right to wear a mini skirt wherever the hell you want.


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