spring UGH night


Well, orgo night is upon us. I’ve always imagined it would be a remarkably irritating tradition–you know, if I ever studied for anything–but this year is SUPER irritating because of this:


Do they even READ Sara’s blog posts? This is so stupid. They have another one also that just says “GAY”. Maybe this is one of those generational divides, you know, since I am a fifty year old and they are all clearly hip little babies. But yeah, I mean, I guess I just don’t really understand what the rape of children has to do with Orgo Night–then again, I’ve never been to Orgo Night. Take Back The Night has been trying to get them to get rid of these flyers–because of the whole laughing about child rape and whatnot–but so far no luck. I guess that means that this shit IS funny and appropriate. Let me try one:

I guess that IS pretty funny.


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  1. Anon says:

    According to your blog’s mission statement:

    “The blog’s mission is to stimulate conversation among the Barnard community about women’s health, bodies, gender, sexuality, current events, culture, food, pleasure and desire, identity, politics, diversity, and feminism. With our Well-Woman peer educators and staff as regular bloggers, and invited faculty, staff, student groups and alums as featured “guests,” we’ll exchange ideas and opinions about women’s wellness–the intimate, the local, and the global. We hope to take on controversial and potentially difficult topics, grow some activism, have some fun, and build the Well-Woman community online.”

    Let me explain what satire is: satire is a way to introduce issues of politics, gender, sexuality, current events, culture, etc to the world at large. It is often intimate. It can me local or global. Satire too hopes to take on controversial and potentially difficult topics, create activism and build community awareness. Do you honestly think the best way of dealing with massive perpetration of children’s sexual rights is total silence? That is what you are advocating with this snide posting. I appreciate that you do not, apparently, understand the point of satire or its value in a largely passive society. I also appreciate that you are taking a stance on this issue, even if it is one that advocates silence in a time of action.

    As a strong, beautiful Barnard woman, I am ashamed of your close-mindedness.

    1. Here! Here! says:

      Ah yes, the ability to quote a mission statement. Pure proof of your intelligence.

    2. Anonymous says:


      “Do you honestly think the best way of dealing with massive perpetration of children’s sexual rights is total silence?”

      So, children’s sexual rights are a legitimate concern to you…but you still like the poster exploiting the issue for a cheap laugh to get people to go to orgo night? I think there’s a step in between “total silence” and “distasteful joke at the expense of children who are being exploited.” I think you missed that step friend.

  2. Agreed says:

    Did a 50-year-old really write this? This post is a ranting immature overreaction. I agree that the posters are mildly offensive, but all good jokes should be. As the above commenter observed, this is obviously satire. The CUMB is in no way condoning sexual abuse in the Catholic Church or dismissing it as a serious matter.

  3. Anon says:

    Yep, satire. See, you tried it there at the end. You failed, but an attempt none the less.

  4. Sara says:

    gosh darn, maddie! how do you not know about satire, girl?! i find that fact so hard to believe, especially since you’re well-educated and smart and all, but lord! this one flew right over your head!

    and, perhaps more importantly, why do you want to silence all the activists at CUMB that are working so hard to raise awareness about sexual abuse in the catholic church?

    in this largely passive society, i would have expected that you not advocate for silence, but instead have used your influence to advocate for piercing, pep-band music in private libraries.

    1. Anonymous says:

      sarcasm ≠ satire

    2. Anon says:

      Capitalism = important. Take yourself seriously, and the internet will to.

  5. Naomi says:

    Hey “Agreed,” thank you so much for finally bringing this up! It is so AWKWARD having a 50-year-old fellow peer-ed! She’s always dominating meetings with her informative, witty remarks, and i mean, what is she doing being a junior at Barnard if she’s so old? And why is her profile picture for the blog of a college-aged student?

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