last post

Hey y’all, So this is my last post.  I’ll probs be commenting on stuff later on down the road, ’cause this blog is on my googlereader, and once a blog is on there, it’s on there, baby.  no, don’t you worry, buttercup, it’s committment for the long run. anyway, wanted to let you know about…

Potty Parity

Ever feel like you’re being discriminated against? Ever feel like things are just more difficult because you’re a women? Ever have that feeling waiting in line to the bathroom in a federal building? No? I’m shocked, because YOUR lawmakers sure are concered about it. So concerned, in fact they introducted legislation this Wednesday to increase…

Happy Mother’s Day!

Oh, moms. Some of us have moms. Some of us are moms! Sometimes we kill our fathers and marry our mothers. Sometimes robots from the future come and try to kill us and our moms have to protect us. Sometimes our mothers have to send us to Earth in a space capsule so we can…

spring UGH night

Well, orgo night is upon us. I’ve always imagined it would be a remarkably irritating tradition–you know, if I ever studied for anything–but this year is SUPER irritating because of this: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

New True Blood Minisode

First one was disappointing, this one’s a bit better. Nothing like a little vampy slut shaming to get you going through reading week.

I am what I am.

Words of wisdom from Douglas Hodge as Albin (Zaza) in La Cage Aux Folles. See the show, now playing at the Longacre. Learn something about family.