last post

Hey y’all,

So this is my last post.  I’ll probs be commenting on stuff later on down the road, ’cause this blog is on my googlereader, and once a blog is on there, it’s on there, baby.  no, don’t you worry, buttercup, it’s committment for the long run.

anyway, wanted to let you know about genderfork.  ignore the touch-y feel-y stuff (unless you’re into that sort of thing, in which case GET ON IT), and just look at the pictures.  yeahhhhhh, genderqueerness/androgyny.


Potty Parity

Ever feel like you’re being discriminated against? Ever feel like things are just more difficult because you’re a women? Ever have that feeling waiting in line to the bathroom in a federal building? No? I’m shocked, because YOUR lawmakers sure are concered about it.

So concerned, in fact they introducted legislation this Wednesday to increase the number of toilets in women’s rooms in federal buildings. This is known ladies, as the potty parity act. Continue Reading

What’s in a Name? or More reasons to hop on the feminist band wagon.

There is one thing I must admit before I continue with this blog post. I read wedding blogs. Lots of them. So many it is SHAMEFUL. Actually SHAMEFUL. Mainly because I’m not sure I even believe in marriage, and if I do I wouldn’t be getting married for like EVER.

I got hooked on crack…uh I mean wedding blogs just over a year ago when my boyfriend’s sister was getting married. It’s been downhill ever since. HOWEVER, today I found something remarkably interesting on one of the more excellent wedding blogs I frequent in the time I should be studying for my organic chemistry final, Offbeat Bride.

Continue Reading

Happy Mother’s Day!

Oh, moms. Some of us have moms. Some of us are moms! Sometimes we kill our fathers and marry our mothers. Sometimes robots from the future come and try to kill us and our moms have to protect us. Sometimes our mothers have to send us to Earth in a space capsule so we can have a better life here than on Krypton. Moms do all kinds of things, really. SO, in honor of Moms, here is a list of the ten best and ten worst mothers in comics.