how to pick up a girl in a bar

Thanks for this, Expert Village! It’s good to hear an expert’s take on Good Flirting Tips:

“If I mention blueberry eyes, I might just say that off the cuff, but I’ll take that to the extreme of, what if her eyes were actually blueberries? What if I was a chef? What if I wanted to make a blueberry cake? What if the blueberry cake won the world’s fair of being the best blueberry cake in the world and it was all because of her eyes and now she has a medical condition because she doesn’t have any eyes anymore because of the blueberries?”

–My Next Boyfriend

Important questions, guy. Important questions. Now excuse me, I need to change my underwear.


One thought on “how to pick up a girl in a bar

  1. I actually met my first girlfriend in a bar when she pretended we were getting divorced, and once she whipped out some fake legal documents, I was hers! Nothing like a depressing look into the future to get the ball rolling!

    Also, quirky and corky are now the same word.

    Also also, what??

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