“I’m not a feminist (and there is no but)”…

Here is a piece about the racelessness of feminism and the concept of womanism. It has generated a lot of commentary and backlash from members of the feminist community.  While the article alone brings up great points,  there is much to be said about the public’s reaction to Reene’s argument.  Zora and Alice blogger Ope Bukola cliff notes the comments under Reene’s post here and effectively claims why she supports Renee’s overall argument:

“The comments above illustrate why it can be difficult for women of color to feel like they truly belong in certain publications. Pointing out the fact that a few women of color write for mainstream feminist publications and therefore, these publications represent women of color, is like claiming you can’t be racist because you have some non-white friends. Renee’s point is not that voices of minority women never get featured in these publications. Instead, what matters is that the dominant discourse is a white one.”

I most certainly agree with Ope’s point.  While I can address several points raised in these articles, I want to focus on one: the underrepresentation of women of color in the media, specifically in the blogosphere. I  suppose I have been waiting for a comprehensive list of  feminists of color to just fall on my lap but alas, it doesn’t seem to work that way.

In an effort to hone my laziness, I want to create a list of feminists of color that are making waves throughout the online world.
Here are a few FOC’s that I follow closely with links to where you can find their posts:

My question is the this: Do you follow or know about any other women of color who write, blog, vlog, tweet, draw, paint or [insert previously unmentioned form of expression here] about feminism/womanism/___? A large following is not necessary, just the name and link of a woman who is adding to the discourse of feminism from a woman of color’s perspective.

C’mon…gimme whatchagot!


2 thoughts on ““I’m not a feminist (and there is no but)”…

  1. I really like what SisterSong does, although I guess they don’t have a blog (www.sistersong.net), and sometimes I read theangryblackwoman.com.

    You guys are all still amazing!
    ~Meg ’09

    • Meg- YOU are lovely!
      I checked out your suggestions…they’re awesome!

      Here is another person I just found out about– Mia Mingus. According to her bio ( found here) she is a queer disabled woman of color and she is pretty bad ass, to say the least.

      Follow her on twitter here: http://twitter.com/miamingus
      Follow her blog here: http://leavingevidence.wordpress.com/

      Maybs we can add her to the blogroll? Jess, I’m looking at you 😉

      This is really exciting, thanks for your suggestions Meg!

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