oh, my lord

Ok, so there’s going to be a reality show based on the L word – it’s called the real L-word, obvs – and it’s going to be totally real.  unlike the fake L-word, where all the actresses were white (ok, white + Bette and Kit, but Bette got a lot of white privilege and Kit got such an insultingly small part that I’m not counting her), skinny, conventionally attractive, femme-y, wealthy, degree-toting, LA types, this one is going to be real (weren’t you paying attention?  it’s right there in the title, you guys).

except, er, these actresses (excuse me, real people who are not actresses because they’re real) are all those things (although i think that two of them are supposed to not be white, but, whew, they’re the kind of non-white that’s edgy enough for diversity, but not so much that it makes you uncomfortable and they’re not all up in your face about it, amirite?).  plus, look at their faces in this shot!  really?  that’s the best they could do?  and why did no one tell that chick on the left that what she’s wearing isn’t clothing?  and why, pray tell, is that one in the front holding on to the middle one (the undead-looking one)’s leg?

i can’t wait to see their acting, i bet it’s totally inspired and real.  here’s the trailer.


2 thoughts on “oh, my lord

  1. no Shane = no thank you.

  2. thank you! i get so much hassle from my friends about liking her, but i swear she gets better after she stops wearing so much eyeliner and spitting blood like an angsty 14-year-old.

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