Like That Time California Chose Chickens over Gays

You know what I’m sick of? Peta. I’m sick of seeing women naked, tied-up, abused and degraded for any reason, and it seems even worse when it’s in the name of another kind of equality movement. Is it really necessary? I understand their aim, I think, to give their advertisements more shock-value, to make them sexual and erotic to get people’s attention. But to sacrifice women’s integrity for the sake of animal rights seems wholly unprecedented and over-the-top. To see women’s bodies degenerated  to the level of livestock, or worse, makes me want to eat 70 cheeseburgers in a mink coat and leather pants.

Not angry enough? More after the jump.

Women’s bodies are not meat. They cannot be packaged as sexual commodities and compared to animals. You know where I found this image?? On a list entitled “Peta’s 20 Hottest and Most Provocative Ads Ever”. You want to know what’s not sexy?? DEAD WOMEN! I understand wanting to appeal to human empathy, trying to put the viewer in the place of the animal. But it’s not just your average person that’s being represented. It’s almost exclusively thin, naked women. OR they show larger women in cages as either “pigs” or “whales”. We DO NOT need more reinforcement that women’s bodies don’t matter, that they should be subjected to abuse or commodification. I don’t know the history of these ads, or when Peta decided to appeal to society’s misogyny, but it’s got to stop. Sacrificing women for animal rights makes like political movements are in some sort of media war where one cannot find any social footing while another persists. I’m sympathetic with the movement. I am. But I cannot get behind any group that wants to appeal to my loins with images of battered or eroticized women, for any cause.


5 thoughts on “Like That Time California Chose Chickens over Gays

  1. don’t forget your leopard skin pillbox hat, made out of real leopard!

  2. wow I was shocked at Peta´s video of animal cruelty with Eva Mendes describing the cruelty and giving stats but I had never seen these pictures. It´s disgusting and so disrespectful. Thanks for posting this

  3. Whoever wrote this article apparently has never heard of human nature. Open up an art history text. What do you see? Women. Good answer. I am human, and also happen to be a woman. Women represent the earth, ‘mother earth’- blah blah blah–I’m done, your are a tool. 🙂

  4. Thank you for posting this! You are NOT a tool. It is NOT art to subject women like this, any more than it is ‘art’ to depict children in awfully sexualised ways or violent ways, is. Those that think it is are just part of the many in society who think these PETA ads are ok too….
    Woman represents ‘mother earth’ blah blah blah?? What has that got to do with depicting women as less than live stock or in violent images? It’s the way of nature is it?? I’m no feminist, I just want to be important to society. To be regarded as a person, not a commodity… I always wondered why that seems to be asking for too much??

  5. First of all, these women choose to be portrayed in this way IRONICALLY to espouse a particular message. Since you have a problem with it, you should think about why they would choose to do that. Perhaps because it makes a comparison between female humans, who we value as individuals, and female animals, who we apparently do not. Both feel pain, understand confinement, and deserve rights. PETA is making the point that animals should not be commodities any more than women. PETA would argue that it’s not too much to ask for at all, Elle. Sometimes hostile and perverse imagery makes the best statement, but don’t misunderstand PETA as advocating for ill treatment of women. Their advertising is meant to be ironic.

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