shockingly amusing advertising

The new kotex ad campaign pointing out everything stupid about tampon ads…

I think my fav might be the racially ambiguous business.Oh Oh or, “Don’t all these angles make me seem dynamic!” No actually, “I’m a BELIEVABLY attractive 18-24 year old.” ┬áSo excellent… suddenly have urge to visit feminine care aisle.

This is also great

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MNST 114: Burping and Ball-Bouncing

One of my favorite bloggers wrote up a hypothetical curriculum for a Men’s Studies department. Ok, now I can see the retorts coming to this post from a mile away from man-friendly privilege-sympathizers, and I know that not all men are like this, just as all women are not feminists and all women’s studies students are not women. But I’ve heard equally frustrating comments about making a “Straight Awareness Month”, and this is damn funny.