Men Outlive Women Sexually?

Come on ladies, step it up.

Now are the days of cougars! The sparkly Twilight kid thinks Betty White is the sexiest woman in Hollywood (No arguments here, Sparkles)! This article is interesting–especially since I was under the impression that women sexually peaked later in life than men. And, as the article astutely points out, there isn’t any data about LGBTQ old folks. This seems significant:

Part of the answer may be pharmacological. Men who responded to the sexual health questions in 2005 and 2006 reported a significantly increased interest in sex compared with men who took the survey 10 years earlier. Women didn’t show a change. That might not be a coincidence, Lindau said.

“Over time, we’ve seen the introduction of really effective treatments for male erectile dysfunction, which is one of the most common problems for men as they get older,” she said. “For women we haven’t seen the same.”

All right, Science! Step it up! I have no intention of sacrificing my Lady Boner after I turn 70!


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