Divorced Before Puberty

Everyone please read this immediately. It’s an op-ed talking about Nujood Ali, a ten year old Yemeni girl who won a divorce from her abusive husband (more than twenty years her senior). She has recently become a best-selling author with the book she wrote about her experience. I was especially disturbed by the attitude of Nujood’s brother’s, who criticized Nujood for shaming the family until she started supporting all of them with her royalties. Please, please read this.


2 thoughts on “Divorced Before Puberty

  1. wow this is very upsetting. The article said nothing about how she was affected physically by being raped as a 10 year old, let alone emotionally. It seemed very much all smiles now that she’s divorced, but I’m sure it’s not that simple.

  2. wow interesting article, I think I remember reading something about this controversy a while ago, but I didn´t know she had written a book. I´m glad she had the courage to step up for herself and put her experiences in a book that will not only educate those around her but document a sad reality in Yemen

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