She may look clean – BUT!

While home for break, my roommate and I discovered this little gem on board the U.S.S. Texas, advising sailors to look out for disease ridden “good-time” girls. It seems venereal disease was quite the problem for our lads at sea, requiring all sailors to visit the so-called “pro room” both before and after shore leave….

In Honor Of Our Film Series

I hope that you all know about our film series with the Office of Diversity Initiatives. This semester we’re showing movies on Thursdays that explore the idea of gender expression. So, in honor of the film series, here is Cracked’s list of the six biggest badasses who lived as the opposite sex.

we all pretend to be above reading summaries,

but they’re crazy helpful.  in fact, i now demand summaries of everything i read: most frequently novels, but also things like hand-written notes from friends and haikus.  in that spirit, here’s a quick summary of the health care bill as it concerns women and women’s health.


Look, I have no problem with Republicans. I mean, I do, but no more than I do with Democrats. And I recognize that there are a lot of problems with this health care bill–although probably not the same things the Republicans are being grumpy about. And I realize a lot of the reaction to the…

Changing academia’s liberal bias at last

Oh hey y’all. I hope everyone had a great spring break. I was in Texas! I went to a rodeo and saw something called Mutton Bustin’ (oh, and the Black Eyed Peas). Anyway, the reason I bring it up is that TEXAS WHAT THE HECK!?!?! Did you guys know that they’re changing their textbooks? Because…

Remington Snatch

I very highly doubt that I’ll ever have kids, but if I do end up breeding, mark my words, my first child will be named Remington Snatch.