This isn’t essentializing AT ALL

Here’s a little gem I found on MSN’s Health and Fitness page. It’s so cute. Apparently your period “can make you think like a guy.” Uh, ok. WTF does that mean?

“Lower estrogen levels during your period can increase your “male cognitive skills,” such as spatial thinking, according to Pauline Maki, Ph.D., associate professor of psychiatry and psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This doesn’t mean you’ll start obsessing over fantasy football, but your map-reading skills may peak along with your period.”

Now that I think about it, whenever I’m on my period, I’m actually capable of reading and understanding the bus map. I’m also an emotional, crazed, chocolate craving bitch with no remorse. I just love these darling nuggets of pop health/pysch wisdom . They’re so fun! 

And, now for something totally unrelated that actually is fun!


One thought on “This isn’t essentializing AT ALL

  1. male cognitive skills. does that mean like voting and owning land? sorry i’m not getting my period right now so logic is HARD

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