“Tackling” the focus on the family ad (hahahaha)

(Sorry about the title of this post).

I’ve made my opinion of this recent Superbowl’s commercials known, but I was initially pleasantly surprised by the anti-abortion ad aired by Focus on the Family campaign. I mean, not pleasant like a bubble bath, pleasant like when you think someone is going to run you over with a car but then all they actually do is honk at you. What? Anyway. As some of my Well Women colleagues pointed out, there’s a more insidious element to its rational and nonaggressive message, because it might make pro-choice media look rabid or radical in comparison. But either way, I like a lil moderation with my political messages and I was impressed. But this article from Slate magazine changed my mind. It’s worth a read, but in summary: they make a big deal out of how brave Pam Tebow was to not get an abortion and then aw wow she carried such a successful little football baby to term. What isn’t addressed in the ad was that any doctor would have rightfully recommended an abortion in her case: not only is the chance of fetal death around fifty percent in cases of placental abruption, but the death of the mother is possible as well (about 6% of maternal deaths result from placental abruption). Anyway, give it a read! Makes a good point.


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